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After going through several weeks of thinking I was just under the weather and battling coughing and shortness of breath, we made our way back to my Primary Care Doctor. Very quickly after talking with her we knew something was wrong.

After the ER visit, it was clear from blood work that I needed to be reviewed further by doctors and spent a night in UTMB Clear Lake Hospital. On the morning of the 13th, we were told that this was serious and that I was looking at either lymphoma or Leukemia. By noon the decision was made to transfer me to the UTMB Galveston hospital.

The doctors here are specialist in the world of Cancer and Leukemia. Over the last 18 hours I have come to understand that this is not a fluke and I am in it for real. Scared yes. But those that know me know that I am a fighter.

I have many test to do before a precise diagnosis and the inevitable Chemo treatment begins. We wanted both to document this journey and keep friends and family informed of the journey.

Mike and I are already overwhelmed with the support so many of you have shown as we have shared the news. Keep the prayers coming and checking back here for more news.

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